Emika Mizukoshi of Terrace House. what kind of person is she?

New girl showed up in Terrace house.

Her name is Emika Mizukoshi.

What kind of person is she?


Emika Mizukoshi  profile


Name: Emika Mizukoshi/ 水越愛華

Age: 21

Birthplace: Kanagawa

Occupation: College student



She is a college student of Oberlin University 桜美林大学, and Senior.

In Japan, most of seniors do job hunting, but Emika decided not to do that in this year.

She wants to go to abroad, and search for a job at there.


She wants to get jobs like a flight attendant, real estate consultant and sales.


What about her love life?

She mentioned that she is always dating with older guys.

And she had dated with senior of college student when she was 16 years old, high schooler.



I feels like that is not usual, most people dates with classmates when they are in high school in Japan.

So that facts reminds me to feel that Emika is matured for her age.


Her fashion

She is always wearing a black hat.

Dinner time with her family, and first time appearance, even in interview.



I just want to ask her that what is like about her black hat:)


Her personality

At a first time, she seemed not happy when she entered Terrace house, because she did not smile and chat so much.

But when she was in dinner with her family, she seems very happy and chatty, so maybe she was nervous about talking to people at first meeting.



So far, we know that she likes going to abroad, hanging out with friends and drinking alcohol.


She seems to have strong personality, so I worried that she might have a conflict with Haruka and Kaori.

We’ll see..



next 》》Is Emika a new mean girl?

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