Episode 30 Recap. What is Ryo thinking?

Episode 30 was aired.

On this Episode of Terrace house, we were left wondering “what is Ryo thinking to Hana and Vivi?”


Emika and Tupas’s date

Emika and Tupas went to watch a movie which is “Yesterday” and had a dinner at Italian restaurant.



Tupas made a compliment to Emika like, “you’re many times prettier than Instagram.”

Emika denied that.

But for him, Emika may be prettier in Reality.


I think what Tupas said is not true, she is prettier in Instagram  than reality, because of picture editing app, though:)



Tupas mentioned that he likes person who gave different impression inside and outside.

Emika told him that she is happy because he noticed real her.



In addition to that, Tupas gave her a present that she really likes.

He seems that he really likes her.



Coming back to Terrace house, Emika talked about date with Tupas.

She looked happy and said Tupas can be her boyfriend.


Kai’s first stage of standup comedy

Kai performed standup at first time in front of girls of Terrace house.



He said many black jokes, like “How have Japanese salaryman not yet killed themselves? ”

Vivi said her honest opinion, “it is too dark..”



A host of that show told to audiences  “Honestly, so dark night, giving a truth of salaryman by Kai who never had a hard works in his life.”

Vivi also mentioned same thing as him when they came back to Terrace house.



Like Yama-chan said, Kai may performe with following image that standup comedy should be like.


Ryo’s honest feeling

One night, Ryo came back from Osaka, and talked with Vivi.

Ryo never does romantic action to Vivi, and she was wondering what to do next.



Ryo started to watch a movie in living room.

Hana came, and asked him “How do you get a girlfriend?”



That question is out of the blue:)

She is always like that.



Vivi answered her question because Ryo passed it to Vivi.



She said  “I would make it clear that I have feelings for them.”

Yes, she always approaches Ryo, like she said.



After that, Vivi and Ryo watched movie, but no kissing and hugging.


Viewers  wondered “what Ryo is thinking”?

He don’t have to, but we need a sign from him.



In the end, Emika asked him what he seriously think about Hana and Vivi.



He said that Hana has no feelings to him after he declined their dinner.

Emika denied that.

And he also said that “I know I have to be honest with her sooner or later.”

but he feels awkward to say his feeling to Hana when she hasn’t even explicitly expressed her interest in him.



About Vivi, he thinks that she is beautiful and fun to talk with, but he can’t date with her because he has no desire to date long distance with thinking Vivi’s ambition to go to Hollywood in the future.



Basketball is always his first priority, I understand that, but all he said sounds excuse not to date with Vivi, or all girls of Terrace House.


Did he come to Terrace house for fame or making an appeal B.LEAGUE?


That is OK, (not OK?) but if he had a girlfriend outside of Terrace house  before he moved in, that is disappointing.

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