Hana Kimura is a professional wrestler.

New girl showed up in Terrace House.

Her name is Hana Kimura, working as professional wrestler.


Hana’s profile



Name: Hana Kimura/ 木村花

Age: 22

Birthplace: Kanagawa

Occupation: professional wrestler

Height: 164㎝

weight: 58㎏



Hana’s mother is Japanese, and her father is Indonesian.

Her mother is Kyoko Kimura,木村響子, and is also professional wrestler.


Kyoko and Hana.



Hana was on the TV since she was young as a daughter of Kyoko Kimura.



Little Hana is here.


She wanted to be a dancer, but her mother persuaded her to be a wrestler, because her mother thought that she can not work at normal company.

Why did her mother think like that?

She didn’t mention about that, so I don’t know why.


Hana of Terrace House


Her existence blows a new wind towards terrace house.

Dark atmosphere of Terrace House seems to be renewed because of  Hana.

She is quickly falling love with Ryo Tawatari, who is professional basketball player.

Her eyes are sparkling when she is talking to Ryo, this is very obvious:)

Her reaction makes story interesting.



On the other hand, she is sometimes very assertive and Emika does not like that attitude.

When Emika was struggling about what to do about her future,  Hana said “you don’t have to be in a hurry”, “Let’s drink alchol!”

and Emika did not like it.

Maybe she felt ashamed by being said that kind of things from Hana who already works as professional wrestler.



Emika and Hana’s personality is an opposite, and both likes same guy.

Emika also adores Ryo.

This is why new girl fight may happen.



Risako and Haruka again?

I would like to but no thanks.

Audiences expect new romance of Terrace House, so.


  1. Hana is cool and I love her spirit. I do think she should be kinder with her words though. I get that her energy works well in the ring, but in real life interactions with people, we should back down from fighting. Peace is a better solution.

  2. Yes, I agree. She is sometimes immature in real life of Terrace house.
    but she is young, I hope that she learns to have respect to other people in Terrace house.

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