Haruka Okuyama was a heroine of first part of Terrace house Tokyo 2019-2020.

Haruka Okuyama is an actress and a model in Japan.

She moved into Terrace house on April 2019, and had a fight with Risako and dated with Peppe.

I think that she was a kind of heroine of first part of Terrace house Tokyo 2019-2020.


Haruka’s profile


Name: Haruka Okuyama / 奥山春花

Birthdate: 1995.3.24

Age: 24

height: 166cm

Birthplace: Aichi-ken



Haruka is an actress and used to play a lot of characters in Japanese TV series and movies.

Her former stage name was “Seika Taketomi”, “竹富聖花”.



She used to be a model of Non-no which is Japanese fashion magazine with Yuko Araki who is popular actress in Japan.


That is why I was so surprised that she moved into Terrace house, because most people who move into Terrace house were not famous at that point.

Haruka used to belong to big agent, “Sweet power” where Maki Horikita and Mirei Kiritani are belong to. (Maki already quit though.)

I assume that Haruka was fired from that agent because she didn’t become popular as much as agent expected, so she transferred to new agent.

Then, she joined Terrace house.


Haruka’s hobby

She loves to play golf, and drive her own car, corvette which is an american sports car.

She spends her money to her own car more than anything.

These are surprising hobbies for young lady like her.





Dragraceも楽しかった🏁 ロッドモータースのみんなありがとう😇😇😇😇 #2019#corvette#vette#dragrace#race

Haruka Okuyama🍣(@harukaoffi)がシェアした投稿 –

Playing golf is expensive hobby, so many viewers thought that “is she a rich?”


Because she is an actress, and works since she was teenager, so.


Haruka’s life in Terrace house

Haruka was an aggressive person in Terrace house.

She denied Shohei’s opinion with strong words.



And unforgettable incident is big fight between Haruka and Risako.




Both girls liked Kenny, and they fought over him.

In addition to this, it was not only boys problem for Risako but also attitude’s problem.

She did not like Haruka’s attitude to her.



Risako asserted that Haruka showed icy attitude to Risako from the beginning.



There were a lot of arguments between viewers, but for me, Risako’s assert is understandable.

Haruka seems to like hung out with Kaori more than Risako.

and Haruka’s attitude to Risako seems icy.



After Kaori and Risako were gone, she seemed to become nicer to other people.

Then, she started to date with Peppe, who is Italian manga artist.



After all, they are not together, but I liked their date scene.



Haruka moved out from Terrace house on September,2019.

She still continues an actress and model.



Fingers crossed to her future.


  1. Thank you for your personal information and thoughts about Haruka.

    I really like her and Ruka a lot. Of course the other participants who moved into the house as first, were awesome. I miss her a lot and don’t enjoy Terrace House anymore, after everyone moved out and has been replaced by new visitors.

    It would be awesome if you could share information of Haruka, in which shows and movies she has been involved.

    • Thanks for your comment.
      I like Haruka too.
      I understand your feeling of missing her. She was attractive as a participant:)
      She has been involved with many movies and TV series, but I will tell you several works.

      You can watch “Hot Road” and “Is” on Netflix.
      Haruka appeared as a friend of heroine on “Hot Road”.

      You can also search her movies and TV series with “竹富聖花” “Taketomi Seika” which is her former stage name.
      or maybe her current name, “春花” “Haruka”.

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