Is Emika a new mean girl?

In episode-24, Emika had dinner with Ryo in Sushi resutaurant of Ginza.

Hana was disturbed by the dinner and Emika’s attitude.

Was Emika doing that on purpose?

Is she a new mean girl of Terrace house?


Emika asked Ryo out with Sushi dinner.


Things happened at night that Hana was absent.

Emika talked to Ryo, “what are you doing on 28th?”

Ryo said “28th?  I have a match.”

Emika said “oh, match, f**k.”



Actually, she was looking for someone who picked her up after her part time job.

(She worked as beer seller at baseball ground in Yokohama.)



Then, she asked him again, “when are you free?”

“Why don’t we go to a sushi restaurant at Ginza?”



In Japan, everything is expensive in Ginza.

There are a lot of brand shops at there.



So, she indirectly asked him to treat her to expensive dinner.

“because I bought Ryo’s T-shirt at stadium, and he said that he could treat anything I want.”

Emika insisted.



I thought “what??”

Ryo is professional basket player, and there are a lot of Ryo’s face printed on T-shirts at the merchandise shop.

Emika voluntarily bought that when she went to watch his match, and Ryo said that as generic platitudes, I guess.



Her excuse was far-fetched.

Maybe she wanted to go out with Ryo so bad.

and that is not because of that she likes him, but because of that she has competitive feeling towards Hana.


Is Emika a new mean girl?

Ryo actually treated Emika to expensive sushi.

It was 12,000 yen for each.

That is too expensive to treat just a friend.



At that night, Emika and Ryo showed up in front of Haruka, Ruka, and Hana.

Emika intentionally(it seems..) showed off her happiness to Hana.



She was humming:)

and said, “I am happy♡.”


Hana’s face is…interesting.



Emika knew that Hana was so into Ryo, so she was doing that to provoke her.



That reminds me of Regina George of Mean girls:)

She was flirting with her boyfriend in front of Cady, with knowing Cady liked him..



Is she a new mean girl of Terrace house?



We can not judge yet, but she has a potential of that.

and meanest girl in Terrace house is Yui Tanaka of Karuizawa, so far. That is obvious.



If Emika likes Ryo very much, her attitude is understandable, because she feels jealous.

But, if she is provoking Hana because of jealousy,  it is mean.



In addition to that, I thought that her language was rude.



In Japanese, we use “nomu” for drink, but Emika says  “kachikomu”.

“Osake wo kachikomu.” means “drink an alcohol” in English.

we rarely use that word, so, hmmm.



Anyway, I am very looking forward to Emika’s next move.


  1. Indirectly?? No, she DIRECTLY made him go on a “date”. To me it seemed like ryo was fulfilling an obligation. He didn’t flirt, talked about peace in the house instead. So much shade from emika acting like she was treated like a princess when she was not, i felt like its the dark side of the moon, lol!

    • Yes, you are right about that Emika made Ryo go on a date, directly.
      But I wrote “she indirectly asks him to treat her to expensive dinner.”
      It is about payment.
      She did not say “Please pay it”, that’s why I wrote “indirectly”.
      Looking back, Emika must have known Ryo would pay for dinner though..
      Anyway, thanks for your comment.

  2. Thank you for your blog! I am an American viewer who only knows a little Japanese so I miss certain things like different pronunciations of words that may reflect a different tone, reading about “kachikomu” was surprising to me, I did not notice it, I wonder what she meant by that…

    • “kachikomu” is an unfamiliar word to most Japanese, that is why I am surprised to hear that.
      So, I think that you do not need to remember that word:)
      Maybe Emika wants to show her strong side, with using that word like a gangsta.
      Thanks for your comment!

  3. I agree with Tea.

    Also my thoughts are Emika likes Ryo and is jealous of the budding romance between Ryo and Hana. Unfortunately she is further turning Ryo off because of her mean behavior. Everyone has an equal chance in this show to form a love interest. It can’t be forced so Emika should let it go.

    • Thanks for your comment.
      Yes, I also think that Emika’s mean and childish behavior turn Ryo off.
      In episode 28, Emika seems to abandon her interest to Ryo.
      So, I look forward to budding romance between Topas and Emika next.

  4. What are your thoughts on the discussion between Emika and Hana at the end of ep. 23 in the playroom? I thought Emika was trying to (i) apologize for her rejecting Hana’s drink offer and (ii) explain she is not interested in Ruka, but I was shocked at how aggressively and rudely Hana constantly interrupted Erika to assert her views. Then Hana immediately called Haruka to spin her side of the story and try to get Haruka on her side. I found that extremely manipulative behavior and disapproved. I thought Emika was simply explaining she did not like Ruka, but Hana was quite deliberately announcing to others that Emika liked Ruka, and then in a self-serving way refused to consider Emika’s explanation and basically accused Emika of being deceptive. Ruka was not shown ever to be led on by Emika’s behavior to him, so there is no reason for Hana to be so judgmental. After all, if Ruka is happy with Emika’s behavior and has not said anything about romantic expectations, then we should assume he is okay and no one (least of all Hana) should take it upon themselves to be Ruka’s guardian. I think Emika was not treated fairly in this exchange, and the commentators on the show did not point this out, which I found to be unfair, b/c they picked on Emika a lot.

    I think perhaps Emika is a bit spoiled by men, because she has only dated older men, and I’m sure she is accustomed to be lavished with attention and gifts. She is also a bit manipulative in terms of trying to seduce a man, and she can be competitive with women for a man’s attention. But I credit her for initially NOT saying she liked Ryo to Hana (and saying she liked Ruka) out of consideration for Hana’s feelings, b/c it was obvious that Hana liked Ryo. But it is unfair for Hana then to then use that against Emika. And that Hana then tried to manipulate Haruka’s views of Emika was especially distasteful and low, I thought, and not mature at all.

  5. In end of episode 23, I also think that Hana was aggressive.
    She interrupted Emika’s assert, tried to make Emika admit her love interest to Ruka,
    In spite of Emika was denying.
    I think Emika did not want to abandon possibility to have love relationship with both Ruka and Ryo at that point.
    and Hana is so into Ryo, that is why she wants to get rid of Emika as rival of romance in the early stages.
    In episode 28, Emika went out with Tupas, so I hope that they are going well.
    Thanks for your comment.

  6. Honestly, I didn’t feel like Hana was aggressive. Hana was just stating a point on how Emika and Ruka are perceived when they are always hanging out, sleeping together, and staying up late nights together. Emika was interrupting trying to make excuses. Instead of being SUNAO and listening to Hana’s explanation. Hana apologized repeatedly, but Emika was not satisfied with Hana’s apology. Emika’s TAIDO really irritates me. When she forced Ryo to take her to eat at an expensive restaurant. If she really meant she was joking she really should have said something before meeting in Ginza. It was her passive aggressive behavior to make Ryo take her to $115 per person OMAKASE sushi dinner. Emika didn’t even APPRECIATE the sushi. Most of us would comment on how the sushi was so melt in the mouth delicious. She acted like whatevers. Then when she went back to the house she just wanted to rub it in Hana’s face. I don’t care for catty girls like Emika. She reminds me of Natsumi Saito of Terrace House Boys and Girls in the City. Instead of crying Emika should start learning English if she wants to be a Flight Attendant. Look at Giuseppe who learned to speak Japanese in 4 years.

  7. I think Emika is mean. First she knew Hana would be back on the 28th but purposely picked that date for a dinner with Ryo.
    Then returned to do a clapback.

    • Yes, I agree with your opinion. That was a clapback.
      Emika must have been annoyed with Hana who assumed that Emika liked Ruka not as just a friend but as a boyfriend:(

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