kai Kobayashi is down-to-earth person so far.

Three new residents came to Terrace house at the same time.

One of them is Kai Kobayashi.


Kai’s profile


Name: Kai Kobayashi / 小林快

Birthday: 1993.8.15


Birthplace: Malaysia



He has lived in many countries like Thailand, Malaysia, Arizona in US, and Vietnam.

He is half Japanese and half American.

His mother seems American from video.



He said that he wants to be a stand-up comedian in United States.

But it’s been about five months yet since he started his career as stand-up comedian.

His favorite stand-up comedian is Chris Rock.


His character

Kai seems down-to-earth person.

He is always calm and speaking with nice low voice:)

and what I like about Kai is that he brought souvenirs which are wine and american gummy and so on when he came to Terrace house for the first time.



In episode 28, Hana cried because of facing Ryo and Vivi’s nice atmosphere.

Then, Kai was gently listening to Hana’s story and encouraging her to cheer up.



He seems nice so far, but we don’t know yet..

In Terrace house, viewers mostly find that every resident has a dark side.


We’ll see.


Kai’s Instagram

Kai Kobayashi’s Instagram is here.



He enjoys drawing, so there are a lot of his works on his Instagram.



He seems talented person.

I look forward to watching his life in Terrace house.

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  1. As I am up to date, I’ll try and be spoiler free. But Kai is such a sweetheart, I didn’t know he was the same age as Ryo but he’s incredibly patient and cool. Can’t wait to see more of him!

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