Kaori Watanabe of terrace house is professional illustrator.

Kaori Watanabe is a female resident of terrace house tokyo 2019-2020.

She works as a professional illustrator.


Here is Kaori Watanabe’s profile.

She was graduated from Seijo-gakuen elementary school at 2003, and graduated from Seijo-gakuen junior high school at 2006.

She spent time in Canada auk bay secondary school and graduated there at 2009.

After that, she entered Keio University, a.k.a SFC at 2010, and studied at Université Paris 1 Panthéon-Sorbonne at 2014.


And she got job at IBM in 2015, and left there next year.

She got a new job at Amazon 2017, but she did not stay there not so long time, she quit job and started to work as professional illustrator.


Her artist name is “foxco” which is named after “Tiffany & co” and fox.


Her sketching skill is controversial.


She mentioned that she feels ashamed that she did not go to art school, although she works as illustrator.

Actually, her illustration’s quality is controversial.



Sometimes, people says that her sketching skill is not enough because human’s structure which she sketched seems unbalanced.




But she seems popular illustrator, because she worked with Japanese fashion magazine, Loft, and Beams which is Japanese popular fashion brand.


Looking forward to seeing her illustration, I hope to see Kaori’s date with some guys.

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