New Terrace house is released! Title is Terrace House Tokyo 2019-2020

Terrace house is an Japanese reality TV series.

Series is broadcast on Netflix since it was October 13, 2015.

New series, which is called Tokyo 2019-2020, started on May 14, 2019.


New series is set at Tokyo


Terrace house series were filmed at various locations.

First series was filmed at 湘南 Shonan, Kanagawa.

Passed onto Netflix, Terrace house was located at Tokyo, Hawaii, and Karuizawa.


and this time, Terrace house comes back to Tokyo again.


Interesting casts gathered

In the Terrace house, six people, that include three boys and three girls each live in a gorgeous house of high rent.

They can also use expensive cars.

In this time,  that was Jaguar of British brand.



Initial members are here.


Kaori Watanabe, 29 years old.

She is a professional irustlater.


Haruka Okuyama, 24 years old.

She is an actress and model.


Risako Tanabe, 21 years old is professional physical instructor, and working for Avex company.


Shohei Matsuzaki, 25 years old.

He is a model and actor, also loves to write.

He used to live in Taiwan.


Kenji Yoshihara, 31 years old is oldest in them.

He is a vocalist of Japanese band, which is called Spicysol.


Ruka Nishinoiri, 20 year old is youngest.

He is working for Murasaki sports, which is selling athletic materials like sneakers and wears.


Terrace house is popular series in Japan, and broadcast all over the world via Netflix.

A lot of people are excited to watch new one.


Huge girl fights and romantic relationships are expected.

Can’t wait to watch!

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