Razdumina Violetta is Russian model.

Razdumina Violetta came to Terrace house.

She is a model and wants to be an actress.

Everybody calls her “Vivi”.


Vivi’s profile


Name: Razdumina Violetta

Age: 24

Birthplace: Germany

Agent: Bravo models



Vivi was born in Germany and grew up in Russia.

Her mother is Russian and her father is German.



She moved to Japan 6 year ago to enroll Bunka Fashion College.

She used to want to be a designer, but her dream changed after she came to Japan.

She currently works as a model, and plays anonymous model in Japanese CF.




Vivi is fifth person.



She is speaking Vietnamese.

I don’t know why:)



She is fluently speaking Japanese to live in Japan only six years.

I am impressed by that.

She is hard-working person:)



She also mentioned that she wanted to be a Hollywood actress.

So, I assume that she currently earns money with model job in Japan, and flies to Loss Angels to make some connection with Hollywood.



The reason of that Vivi moved into Terrace house was that she bored with her current life.

She had felt that she was repeating same things everyday, like waking up on same time, something like that.


So, she wanted to be a part of Terrace house because it seemed fun!


Vivi’s instagram


Vivi’s instagram is here.






10.04.2019 Another year older and wiser hopefully 🙏✨

Violetta ( Vivi ) Polt(@violapolt)がシェアした投稿 –




Perfect hair style day 🌹😜 👍 or 👎 ??

Violetta ( Vivi ) Polt(@violapolt)がシェアした投稿 –

She expresses her sexiness a lot both on her Instagram and in Terrace house.



When she talked to Ryo in episode 28, her strap of bra was exposed.



Some people in Japan did not like that.

Because that was too sexy and gave them sloppy impression.



I think that this was culture difference.


Is Vivi falling in love with somebody in Terrace house?

In episode 28, Vivi and Ryo were having fun.

It seemed that they had a lot in common.


Hana cried with facing their nice atmosphere.


Is Vivi going to fall in love with Ryo?


There is a possibility.

but I expect that it is not happening.



Because she has a big dream.



In this interview, she said that she had dated with three guys in the past.

and they were all older than her.



Recently, she liked one guy, and he was 20 years older than her!

She thought that she had a relationship with him, but she found out that he was also dating with other girl.




Anyway, I am looking forward to Vivi’s life in Terrace house.

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