Ryo Tawatari is a professional basketball player.


Professional basket player moved into Terrace house after Shohei Matsuzaki left there.

His name is Ryo Tawatari.


Ryo Tawatari’s profile


Name: Ryo Tawatari

Birth date: June, 29, 1993

Hometown: Tokyo, Adachi-ku

Occupation: professional basketball player

Height: 180cm

wight: 80kg



He belongs to YOKOHAMA B-CORSAIRS, which is basketball team of Japan.

and he is a captain of this team.





He came to Terrace house to obtain fans of basketball team.

He did not mention that, but I assume that is a reasonable, because professional Basketball is not so popular as football and baseball in Japan.


Ryo surprised that Terrace house is very messy!

After Ryo moved into Terrace house, He pointed out that how messy terrace house is.

Used dishes are left in the sink for a long time, and messy towel was on the floor and clothes were floating in bathtub in the bathroom.



Audiences also surprised because we did not know that residents are not cleaning rooms.

Peppe also said that he surprised dirty rooms, so initial residents had a tendency of avoiding cleaning.

Ruka, kaori, Shohei…

Mostly, Ruka, maybe..

Ruka was trying to clean rooms after Ryo pointed out, so.


Ryo Tawatari is a ladies’ man.

He is friendly and nice to ladies, and has something that passionate about.

He is not fat, is tall.

He have a lot of reasons to be paid attention from ladies.



In fact, Hana was attracted to Ryo, at first sight.

Emika also likes him too at the point of episode 23.



who does Ryo like?

We are not sure yet.


We’ll see..

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  1. He definitely has charm about himself and I really like his personality. A little shy at times, now that I’ve noticed!

    It’s a shame about later episodes…but I can’t wait for everyone to watch part 3!

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