Shohei Matsuzaki is a versatile person.

Shohei Matsuzaki is an one of first residents on Terrace house new series.

He is very versatile person.


Shohei Matsuzaki’s biography


Name: Shohei Matsuzaki/ 松嵜翔平

Age: 26

Birthplace: Tsurugasima, Saitama

Height: 178cm

Occupation: Actor/ Model



Shohei Matsuzaki grew up in Tsurugasima, Saitama, where is a suburb, one hour away from Tokyo.

He graduated from Saitama Prefectural High School of the arts and Tama Art University.

He majored in film and art.


Experience of Taiwan

He used to live in Taiwan before he moved in Terrace house.

Worked as a model, he hung out with Taiwanese friends.

Experience of Taiwan seems like an one of important factor of his identity.


Because of that experience, he can cook Taiwanese foods.

He cooked 魯肉飯 and 鶏肉飯 for roommates, it looked very delicious!

Addition to that, he often cooks suppers for them, so he is a great chef of terrace house.



Shohei is an adaptable and calm person.

He never attacks roommates, and gets along with anybody in terrace house.

Compared to Shohei, girls are very aggressive. This is fanny fact:)


He does not want to determine his occupation at this point.

He wants to do everything he is attracted, and work as an actor and model, writer, film maker and so on.

Haruka didn’t like his attitude, and asked him face to face.


“You look like unstable person.”


Shohei said that “Focusing on one thing is not suitable to me.”

“Old people who think like that way will gradually die”


Sometimes, he is sassy.

But mostly, he is friendly and likeable person.


Looking SNS’s response until Episode 10, female audience like him very much.

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